Steve Kambic

Steven B. Kambic
Executive Director

Steve Kambic is the key member of the SteelTown Village Development Team and oversees every aspect of the planning and decision making of the project.  Steve has accumulated over 36 years of experience in the realm of Affordable Housing, community development and property management.  He currently serves on the board of the Pennsylvania Developer’s Council, on a committee of the Chester County Permanent Housing Action Team  and as the CEO of Petra Community Housing.   As the Executive Director, Steve supervises the Petra staff and the daily activities of the 4 managed properties; Gruber Mills, Spring City Elderly, Freedom House and Hopkinson House.  With the sensitivity to address individual resident needs and the tenacity to satisfy funder requirements, Steve has worked to create sustainable communities that strengthen communities, promote fair housing and self-reliance.

As the previous Director of the Utica Municipal Housing Authority, Steve used his expertise to successfully secure a LIHTC award in conjunction with a HOPE VI award of $11,501,039.  The resulting project revitalized the neighborhood providing community-wide development, student educational improvement and employment opportunities.

Steve recently led Petra through the successful first time LIHTC application process resulting in an award of $10,009,620 over ten years.  In an extremely competitive process not only was Petra funded on their first attempt but the project was ultimately ranked by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency as the number one project outside an urban area.